When Were Your Founded?

The LLC was created in 2011.


Do You Have Insurance?

Yes, liability, workman's compenation and theft.


Can You Add Vendors on Your Insurance?

Yes.  There may be an additional fee.


Can you provide a Tax Identification Number?

Yes, We can provide it when contracted.


Do You Require a Deposits?

Yes, we typically require a deposit.


Who Should Checks Be Written To?

Blue Line Productions LLC.


Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept most major credit cards.


How Far Will You Travel?

If the budget is right, we'll take a flight.


Who Runs This Site?

Dan Drake is the website administrator.


What is the Best Email to Reach You?


What is Your Phone Number?

(201) 528-5258


Introducing Contemporary Furniture

Do you provide DJ riders for Clubs & Festivals?

Yes, under certain conditions and with approval.


Do you provide DJ riders at Banquet Facilities?

No, nor do we provide A-V services for outside DJ's at banquet facilities.


Are bands allowed to bring their own audio technician for their act?

Yes.  With approval, bands can bring their own sound person.


Can speakers operate their own power point presentations?

Yes, with the aid of a rieless clicker, when requested and with approval.


Can those with presentations plug their own computer in?

Maybe, it depends on the inputs and outputs available.


What is your default input/output for laptops?

We generally default to HDMI as our primary source.


Will you work with a house system?

With approval, we will work with house systems.


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