Varied microphones and speakers, combine with talented engineers and entertainers

to create the sounds heard at the many wonderful events this world has to offer.  In

our time as part of this great ecosystem, we have experienced many songs and

speeches we have helped bring to life.  We appreciate how the nuances and

physicality of a crowd can alter acoustic, how the right microphone can make all

the difference, and how little things like fresh batteries in machines instill a sense of

safety and confidence that is necessary for an event to be all it can.


We have used dozens of mics in a conference and untold numbers in a band, watched

as our sound was sent around the world, and worked quietly on digital improvements

at desks in homes and offices.  We have reprogrammed analogue machines for stages

on ancient stages and remastered speeches from celebrities recorded before our birth.

We have worked sound in all sorts of ways and would love to work with you.

Audio Services

Over hundreds of events and roughly a decade of service, Blue Line Productions has offered a comprehensive list of audio work to its vast array of corporate and private clients.  Below, some examples and explanations of some of our more popular offerings in this regard can be found.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you require these or other services.  We are here to help.

Small Presentations

A staple in the event industry, the basic, "a couple of speakers and microphones," (and maybe a TV) is an order we have provided countless times, like the one featured for the Art Dealers Association, featured above.

Push-Talk Systems

One of the more advanced types of sound system used during events is the push talk system.  We've provided this service successfully many times, like above, with the American Prairie Reserve event featuring special guest Ken Burns

Digital & Analog Mixers

The mixer is the core of any sound setup.  It's the control panel.  We have a wide variety, large and small, analogue and digitlal, fitting the right tool to the job.  We work very hard to create an aestetic as clean as our sound, as seen above.

Live Performer Setups

Whether it's for a local band or, like our picture above, a setup for a world famous act like Whiz Khalifa, an act is only as good as its sound.  We have a ton of tage and studio experience and love being part of a good show.

Press Box & Interviews

We have scores of expereince with live interviews.  We've provided press boxes for journalists in central park, recorded sound for feeds at teh German consulate and worked with seemingly countless public and private institutions.

Wireless Mirophones

Whether iit's handheldss, lavaliers, podium mics, or something more exotic, Blue Line Productions has the right piece and professionalism for the job.  We have provided mics for everyone from average people to presidents of the United States.

Large Area Sound

Some places, like the Park Avenue Armory, featured above, are very large and require we work with a robust sytem like a line array or many sets of smaller speakers wrapping the room.  Whatever the need, we are ready and able.

Full Presentations

Sometimes you need, "The Works."  Well, like we did in the above featured event in Central Park's world famous boathouse, we can provide stage, srape, lighting, sound and any other event service you might happen to need.

Live Recording

We've recorded and tracked an almost endless number o individuals in and arround the tris state area.  Some of our favorites have been in the world famouse Lotos Club, where this photo was taken right before a state dinner.

"It’s always a pleasure working with you...    It’s great being able to rely on you..."

Victoria Peragallo

Aretsky's Patroon

Studio Mastering

Sometimes audio files, new or old, need to be improved by manipulating their global settings.  This could be due to age, volume, a simple desire for optimization, or something else entirely.  We've mastered sound of all kinds.

Mobile Tracking

There are occasions where a basic stereo recording isn't enough during a live event.  One these occasions, we are capable of recording each track individually, which will allow for a comptehensive mix and master.

Studio Editing

Editing is an art that allows audio to be cut into pieces and manipulated, in some instances, track by track to make work the best it can possibly be.  We have countless hours in the art and a are ready to be tasked to the job.


Everyone knows they want a successful event, but not everyone understands exactly what they need to make that happen.  We have dedicated professionals with decades of expereince here, more than happy to provide assistance.

Disk Jockey Services

With hundreds and hundreds of DJ event under out belt, talented entertainers, and a wide array of audio visual equipment and expereince, Blue Line Productions offers comprehensive DJ and MC services for every occasion.

Signal Flow Mapping

On occasion, mulitple rooms need sound, like they did at the Hoboken W in our photo above.  Sometimes, multiple signals need to go to multiple places.  This requires careful attention to detail we are more than ready to provide.

"The event went off without a hitch and the team was very pleased.. Truly top notch..."

Emma Swertfager

Annaly Capital Management, Inc.

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