Varied microphones and speakers, combine with talented engineers and entertainers

to create the sounds heard at the many wonderful events this world has to offer.  In

our time as part of this great ecosystem, we have experienced many songs and

speeches we have helped bring to life.  We appreciate how the nuances and

physicality of a crowd can alter acoustic, how the right microphone can make all

the difference, and how little things like fresh batteries in machines instill a sense of

safety and confidence that is necessary for an event to be all it can.


We have used dozens of mics in a conference and untold numbers in a band, watched

as our sound was sent around the world, and worked quietly on digital improvements

at desks in homes and offices.  We have reprogrammed analogue machines for stages

on ancient stages and remastered speeches from celebrities recorded before our birth.

We have worked sound in all sorts of ways and would love to work with you.

"It’s always a pleasure working with you...    It’s great being able to rely on you..."

Victoria Peragallo

Aretsky's Patroon

Corporate Sound

Ready & Reliable: The Sound of Success

From the basic, “two speakers and a microphone,” setup; to complex configurations including dozens of push-to-talk microphones and multiple rooms of speakers, we thrive in the various fields of audio, more than capable of sound design for nearly any situation.  We specialize in providing quality systems with limited footprints, focusing on aesthetics in both sight and sound.

We own a substantial among of equipment; a wide variety of microphones, for example: wired, wireless, handheld, podium, lavalier, area, music mics, and so much more.  We also have quite a few speakers; small and large tops, various subs, specialty speakers; whatever the event requires.  For mixers, we have an assortment of analogue and digital options, with the ability to engineer our sound with an Ipad or other smart device remotely, allowing for operatable configurations that would have been impossible just a few years ago.  Obviously, we also have several methods we can use to record, both single and multiple tracks.

We are well versed in the variety of needs in corporate settings and understand the nuances of various needs in such settings.  We have worked with world renowned subjects, from former president Bill Clinton to countless CEO’s, celebrities, and public and private officials.  Rest assured, we have the experience and know how to make you sound great!

Sound for Talent

Making Audio Part of the Show

Mixing music is vastly different than engineering speaking sound.  There are often more tracks, a larger variety of frequency and a substantially broader array of sounds to amplify.  Bands and other live entertainers can require a variety of needs, An engineer, in this regard, is in many ways part of the show; or, at least, part of the production.  We understand this, have experience with it, and are happy to be a part of it.

Technologically, acts that work with us are well served.  We have great equipment and can set up multiple sends, with robust monitor systems and main setups that have a power level appropriate for the room.  We are capable of different points of input, and mapped signal flow to different areas with different sources.  Over the years, we have seen and overcome a great many challenges and look forward to conquering a great many more.

Some may be unaware; our origin was an entertainment company.  Many of our key people have experience as musicians and other types of entertainers, which help provide unique insight when offering sound services to live acts.  We also have a wide array of DJ services that are covered in more detail in a dedicated section on our site. 

"The event went off without a hitch and the team was very pleased.. Truly top notch..."

Emma Swertfager

Annaly Capital Management, Inc.

Audio Production

Art & Science Make the Sound

We have extensive experience with audio production.  Studio Recording (voiceover and album), mixing, mastering, analogue to digital conversion and various types of editing are all well within our wheelhouse.  Our top engineers have produced several albums and worked on a seemingly countless number of projects with premium clients on audio-visual assignments with what are arguably some of the most renowned venues and clients in New York City and the surrounding areas.

We are familiar with a variety of programs (Pro Tools, Logic, The Adobe Suite, etc.) and have a wide array of microphones and other recording devices.  Using a combination of hardware, software, dedication, and talent; we have brought quite a few projects to completion to the smiles and satisfaction of our clients.

The most common corporate need is a basic live recording of an event for use on a site, archive, or podcast; or an audio recording for later dictation/notation.  For us, these are relatively simple tasks that we have accomplished with ease, frequency and efficiency.  Other live recordings that require later post production, like editing and multi-track mixing, are also occasional corporate requests; as are mastering and conversion from one medium to another.  We are happy to assist with these, as well as all your other audio needs.

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