Staging Services


There are a number of classic items used in shows and presentations

throughout the centuries that are just as necessary in certain situations

as some of our most advanced technology.  Some raise talent or items

to a height easily seen by the audience, others block the view or control

the path of a crowd.  We refer to many of these services as staging.


We have worked with these services a great many times, providing them

in simple and complex capacities.  Large or small, we will be happy to

discuss your needs and find our absolute best solution.

"These Are Men Your Can Rely On."

Mildred Di Sanzo


Elevating Your Performance

Elevation, in terms of view, can be everything.  People seated at a corporate meeting could benefit from gazing at guests on a riser; bands in crowds can need a stage that brings them several feet off the floor.  Sometimes, the subject of a video or dancer in a crowd might need something in between.  We have options that cover all these things; owning a variety of stage pieces that are both light and portable, options that allow us to bring what’s needed into an area and set it up with a high level of efficiency.

Safety, of course, is always a consideration,  We will discuss what you intend to place on the stage, how much of it, and make sure the object we build is rated accordingly,  We can dress our piece with cloth, light it, build a sound system around it and develop a full production  to match your needs and will accordingly.  If the need arises, we can always even build something new.  We have options.

We were pleasantly surprised with the service.

Martha Dean

Pipe & Drape

Pipe & Drape

Pipe & Drape are an industry staple.  From designating various areas to dressing up stage, the possibilities are virtually endless.  From the basics (white, black, light, heavy, etc.) to the exotic (perhaps you need a particularly fabric or color), Blue Line Productions has the creativity and muscle to turn vision into reality.  With a variety of sizes, weights, and fabrics available, we are ready to drape to your deepest desires!

Truss & Rigging

We Stand By Our Stands

Sometimes things need to be hung from on high.  In these instances, truss and rigging are often used.  In many instances AV equipment can be launched from such units, in more rare cases (like the picture found next to this text, included specifically because we had such a fun time doing it and thought it was interesting) manakins might need to be suspended by a combination of knots and fishing cable in the wee hours of the morning for an early show during fashion week.  Regardless of the specifics, science and safety need to be carefully considered.  We weight both carefully and have the right brains and brawn for the job.

Regarding more traditional setups, we use truss quite regularly.  Well versed with cranks, podiums, pipes, poles, and a large variety of pieces that can be used as building blocks to create a nearly infinite array of shapes; we have the tools and know-how necessary to effectively hang things securely at your event.

Another awesome option we often include is scrim.  When possible and feasible, we have been known to cover and/or light our pieces to make them an attractive, eye-catching part of the experience.

No matter the situation, Blue Line Productions will work to develop an effective, safe, cost effective solution to the needs of an event; all while focusing on minimizing our footprint and maximizing the aesthetics of the pieces on the set.  Whether it’s a simple piece of podium truss or a huge overhanging work of complexity and wonder; we will devote our top talent to making it the very best it can be.  When it comes to truss, we are a must. (Hope that made you chuckle)

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