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Some say look is everything.  The human mind anchors its

perception in sight, so there is certainly some truth in those

words.  At Bleu Line Productions, we are keenly aware that

perception is reality and do everything to, many times

literally, put our setups, subjects, and venues in the very

best possible light.


Years of experience with illumination, cameras, screens and

all the ins and outs of event services have taught us to

have a sharp focus on clean setups and clear visuals.  We

work with our talent and technology to bring the best

possible services in the most efficient way, making countless

clients happy in the process.

Visual Services

Video, lighting and making them the best they can be are some of our favorite ways to occupy time and exercies our talent.  Roughly a decade of work have provided us with vast expereinces and keen insight into the best ways to accomplish the goals clients set for us, their subjects and themselves.  Here, you'll find some examples, through pictures and notes, of our journey.

Elevated Lighting

Through truss, rigging and a variety of other techniques, we are capable of elecating a wide variety of stage, dance and ambient lighting into the air to illuminate your event, light up the crowd and boost a performance..

Video Recording

What do Ken Burns, Carol Burnette, Mandy Pintinkin, Henry Kissinger, Valerie Jerette, Bette MIdler and many other well known figures have in common?  They have all been recorded at one time or another, by Blue Line Productions.

Projection & Screens

Rear, front, short and long throw projection are available, along with appropriate screens.  We furnish clean and clear setups, like the one appearing above at La Quinta, photogrpahed at an event we did for the NBA corporation. 

Video Lighting

Lights are an important part of any visual presentation.  In video, they can turn a good shot into a great one.  We have substantial experience here, inluding lighting for the interview above, featuring Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran.

Stage & Spot Lights

Talent often require a focus that can be propagated and magnified by spots and other sources of brightness launched from beyond the stage.  We've built setups like this more times than we can count, for clients, large and small.

Intelligent Lighting

Various types of programmable and responsive illumination are an important part of many events.  We've done extensive lighting work..  Featured above, one of our lights for songwriter Lewis FLynn's Union Square W. wedding.

Flat Screen Televisions

Flatscreens come in a wider variety of sizes.  From small ones used as monitors; to sixtiy, seventy, and even eighty inch or larger pieces for live presentations; televisions have become a staple of event of all types and we have many.

Multi Camera Work

Occasionally, a live event requires multiple cameras working in unison to be edited together, live or later, We've done such work with such well known figures as Arianna Huffington, Mika Brezinski, Carly Fiorina and Charles Ozgood.

Live Source Switching

Presentations and videos, logos and photos; some events require all sorts of things on their screens.  Being able to switch easily and seemlessly from one source to another is something we have done easily many times.



Pin Spots & Track Light

Pin spots and other small light sources are sometimes necessary to create the right atmosphere or accentuate certain areas, like this lovely lighting we set for Veronica Beard in what we believe to be the former location of The Tunnel club.

Gobo Lighting

Weddings, corporate events and many a celebration can often benefit from a logo, name or other specialty image put up in light.  Referred to as a gobo and created on of several ways, we've made more of these than we cna count.

Ambient Lighting

Above, you see the gym at Brick Church.  We've worked fundraisers in the room with everyone from Dana Perino to Maurice Dubois and have made the white walls appear a variety of colors including red, amber, purple and blue.

Video Editing

Edits are an important part of the story and they are a tale we can tell in house.  From cuts to live multi-camera switching, to cutting large amounts of video to tell a story; we have the expertise to put together a product with pride.

Digital Conversion

Sometime old work needs to be edited, mastered,, and/or converted so that it is easier to view and share in the modern world.  We've done some incredible conversions, like the historic work above for Lotos Club.


In professional production, after the edits and initial mix, there is often a process called mastering, where site and sound are improved even further. We have mastered and remastered a great many varieties of video and enjoy the challenge.

"So Nice"


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