Visual Services

Some say look is everything.  The human mind anchors its

perception in sight, so there is certainly some truth in those

words.  At Blue Line Productions, we are keenly aware that

perception is reality and do everything to, many times

literally, put our setups, subjects, and venues in the very

best possible light.


Years of experience with illumination, cameras, screens and

all the ins and outs of event services have taught us to

have a sharp focus on clean setups and clear visuals.  We

work with our talent and technology to bring the best

possible services in the most efficient way, making countless

clients happy in the process.

Presentation Screens

Televisions, Projectors & So Much More

Most presentations have some sort of visual aspect: slideshows, pictures, videos; whatever it might be.  These things need screens to be show and, in many instances, those screens need to be provided.  While there are exceptions, these situations have two primary options: televisions and projectors.

In recent years, televisions have become lighter, clearer, and much better suited for mobile events.  We over a variety of sizes (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.) and are capable of linking the TV’s across multiple areas and, if necessary, multiple locations.  Generally mounted on truss, we have video switchers we can use with multiple sources to create a seamless transmission for one presentation to another, providing a consistent and professional look for the material being shown.

Projectors are also an option.  They come with a variety of options, too, generally focused on how the image is launched (front, rear, long-throw, short-throw, etc.)  We have varying luminosities (projector brightness is referred to in lumens) and screen sizes, as well as varying drape to dress screens with.

Whether it’s one screen or many,

Blue Line Productions has something to offer for your event.  Please ask about any and all options.  From tiny viewers to video walls, we are here to make your event look great!

""Your editing... was well beyond our expectations.  Thank You.""

John McGrath

General Manager

The Lotos Club

Video Services

Cameras, Ediitng & Production

Capturing a moment is often just as important as creating it.  Sometimes we record simply for posterity; sometimes for a more specific purpose.  No matter the reason, we always want our videos to look theuir very best.

Here at Blue Line Productions, we are dedicated ot making sure every recording looks and sound its best.  Single and multi-camera shoots, live video editing, remastering, analog-to-digital conversions, post editing and a wide array of other options are available from our team via the video services we provide. 

Our  engineers combine talent and technology to build projects that look, feel, and sound great.  We love being a part of the picture and, no matter what the project, work to make it the best we can.  If there is something you require, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are up for the challange.

"Blueline Productions exceeded the expectations of American Prairie Reserve..."

Robyn Miller

Events & Relationship Manager
American Prairie Reserve


Celebratory. Corporate. Production.

Light makes everything better.  Whether it’s beams of excitement bursting forth on the dance floor or the steady purity of a spotlight shining on a stage, some form of illumination graces our view every time we witness, take part in, or otherwise experience an event.  Different nights call for different lights.   We’ve seen enough to know what Is right, what is cool, and what is necessary for just about any situation.


Please click on the link below for more information on our lighting options and please don;t hesitate to ask if you'd like our assistnce with one of our suggested offerings or something else entirely.  We are here to help!

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