Corporate AV

We have consistelntly succeeded with corporate audio-viduals in some of the most demanding and exclusive venues Manhattan and its surrounding areas have to offer.


We are currently house and/or preferred vendor at a number of premium venues in New York and New Jersey.  This is because we are consistent, talented, and reliable.

Pro Audio

Blue Line Productions has expertise in  live and studio sound.  Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


- Microphones

- Speakers

- Mixers

- Signal Flow

- Transmission

- Conferencing

- Recording

- Engineering

- Mastering


We can provide what you need.

Prime Visuals

Blue Line Productions has mastered various viisual arts and can provide assistance on the features listed here, as well as many others:


- Screens

- Seamless Switching

- Conferencing

- Hot Seat/Live Editing

- Video Recording

- Videography

- I-Mag

- Transmission

- Editing

- Mastering


Our services combine art and science in a way that has pleased countless clientel.

Drape & Staging

Blue Line Productions can provide most requested items regarding event services.  Some items we have provided include:


- Drapes (Light & Heavy, Various Colors)

- Stage (Riser & Stage of Varying Heights)

- Truss (Large, Small, Crank, Overhead, Box)

- Tables (Folding, LED, Cocktail, Etc.)

- Chairs (Folding, Special Furniture Requests)

- Podiums (Acrylic, Wooden,, Screen, PLastic)

- Games (Pool, Cards, Table, Video, VR)


we have consistently displayed depndablility and versitility with our high quality contribiutions in regard to staging orders.

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