Living in Light

Mobile Entertainment Masterpiece

Dancing requires movement, that movement requires sound, and that sound can be greatly assisted by the right lighting.  We believe nothing helps guide the flow on the floor more than a good lit spectacle.  Not only can the right illumination develop and nurture the overall vibe of a celebration, it can be pivotal as communication to guests, allowing cues to be built around it.  Flashing strobes and sweeping colors signals time to dance; pure whites provide a purity of focus, signaling honored entrances or special speeches; even no light or house light tells a tale, often one of completion and closing.  Lights can guide an evening’s story.  We understand their purpose and are her to help them assist every client on their journey.

We look forward to the chance to brighten up your party with everything we have to offer.  Hope to see you soon!

"Very Impressive!"

Charles T. Wegman

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Ambient Lighting

Up Lights, LED Furniture and More

Rooms are altered in many ways for events and various forms of production.  As far as we know, the easiest way to manipulate the color, shade, and tone of a room is through ambient illumination.  The long Blue Picture above, for example, is a photo of a basement gym at Brick Church in New York City.  Did you think the walls were Blue?  They aren’t.  None of them are.  Ther eis nota single natural blue in that room.  That is the miracle of ambient lighting.

Some lights actively engage the viewer; dance lights, spotlights, lasers, projectors, and GOBO’s are all meant to attract direct and focused attention.  This is often easily recognized and greatly appreciated by the audience.  However, as shown here, ambient light ca be just as impactful if done right.  We know the way.  We are ready to color the world to our imaginations.  Let's build a beautiful future together, painted brighter with our lights and sound.

A Personal Touch

Making Sights Special

Whether it’s a personalized lithograph/GOBO lighting your name high above the crowd, a specialty plant light setup where we use a combination of pucks, pins, and up lights to make your centerpieces look the best, or something entirely original and new that we have never even considered before; Blue Line Productions is ready, able and willing to work with you to develop the perfect tailored approach to your event.  

"So Nice!"

Dan Drake

We Can Light The Way

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