Production Light

Production lighting covers quite a variety of needs.  There’s film, fashion, video, commercial, product; the list goes on and on.  Competence in understanding how lights affect subjects in live settings, as well as how they will appear (and sometimes edit) on camera are all important considerations when creating the right atmosphere for an artistic work and assembly in any professional setting.  Our background has exposed us to a great many opportunities that have forced us to create the right light in all sorts of settings.  Every requirement has a solution and we are here to provide it.

Fashion Lighting

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

More than perhaps any other community, the fashion industry requires just the right look.  Models on runways, standing in place, speaking, dancing, and moving about are there for one reason: to draw the eyes of onlookers and attract attention to their aesthetics in the hope of attracting just the right picture, just the right look, in order to sell the style, substance, and brand they are there to represent.

The right light plays a pivotal role in this story.  Proper shading and shadows can turn a dead room into a live one, or a look that is just a bit off into something stunning.  Perfection is perception and lighting is one of the few services that are brought in deliberately to alter and improve it.    There is, after all, a reason illumination comes first in the old saying, “Lights! Camera! Action!”    We are dedicated to making sure that first call goes very, very well.


Jude Luongo

Video Lighting

Lights for Video

Video illumination comes on two general forms: “Even and Bright,” and, “Stylized and Nuanced.”  Most corporate and commercial settings require clean and even lighting, distributed evenly with a minimized footprint.  This is something we do quite often and are exceptionally good at.  Occasionally, a client comes along that wants something more artful, which is where our countless ours of experience using a wide variety of colored and specialty lights in a seemingly endless array of situations come into play.  Here, we allow creativity to marry with our experience and wisdom to come up with some very cool ideas.  Either way, we have a great time putting together a fantastic service for the project at hand.

Our modern LED lighting is selected for its efficiency. Gone are the days of enormous lights giving off enough heat to turn any room in a sauna.  Our offerings are energy efficient and selected specifically to make the most of the space available, saving the client precious time and real estate that can be devoted to other aspects of the production or, if there is one, the audience.  Our focus is always the same: help make every project as fantastic as possible.

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